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Getting to Know the Difference of Folic Acid and Folate

Pregnancy is crucial in a woman’s life and it is important that they are able to get the best nutrition. One of the critical vitamins that they should be having is vitamin B9. It is from folic acid and folate that they are able to get this vitamin.

These two compounds are a thing that some people will be interchanging. Once you take a look at these things then both of them are good in making sure that there will be healthy pregnancy, fertility, and fetal development. There is a big difference though once you will be taking a closer look. Once you take a look at folic acid then it is a synthetic form of folate and that is their difference. It is folic acid that you can see on processed foods and in supplements. Folate on the other hand is the one that you can find in eggs, whole foods, and citrus fruit.

If you compare the two then it is always better to take what is natural. The best prenatal vitamin is what folate is considered to be because it is natural.-prescription prenatal vitamin with DHA It is this compounds that can be absorbed by the body once they will be converted into vitamin B9. Many women have defective MTHFR gene and that is a thing that you need to know. Converting folic acid to vitamin B9 can be done with the help of this gene. It is folate that many experts recommend due to this reason. Once you take a look at folic acid then it is one that will not be converted in your digestive system.-prescription prenatal vitamin with DHA Once you take a look at folic acid then it is being converted in the liver and other body tissues. This form of conversion will be inefficient for many people. It is natural folate that is considered to be your best option when you are looking to get vitamin B9.

Once you are able to take in the required amount of vitamin B9 the it is the one that can offer a lot of advantages. Some of the few benefits that one is able to get with vitamin B9 is that it helps decrease the threat of your baby suffering neural birth defects, decreases the threat of birth defect, guard against pre-eclampsia during pregnancy, essential for developing placenta and the development of the baby, critical for red cell creation.-prescription prenatal vitamin with DHA Preventing anemia and iron deficiency is another thing that vitamin B9 is also able to do. A prescription prenatal vitamin with DHA and B9 is what many women will need due to this very reason. By seeing to it that you will be taking in these things then it is you that can achieve a healthy pregnancy.

Choosing the right prenatal vitamins that fit you is what you are able to do now that you understand the difference between folic acid and folate.